Carl Sagan Interviewed By Ted Turner

This video from 1989 is extremely depressing. Herein is covered every single problem we are dealing with today; a decay and disrespect of science, abuse of natural resources and climate change. I dare you to watch and not shake your head. Ted Turner interviews Carl Sagan (CNN/1989) from love on Vimeo. Bookmark to:

The Future of Iran Won’t Include an Azure Curtain

Mideast Iran Election Protest (June09), originally uploaded by alanoftulsa. Somewhere in Iran, there are terabytes of data – unseen photos, unwatched videos and unread words that have captured events that have yet to be seen by those of us in the “West.” The Ahmadinejad regime has struggled to tamp out communication among the Iranian people, [...]

Best SNL skit of the 08 political season.

Lyrics – My name is Sarah Palin, y’all know me, vice-prezzy nominee of the GOP, gonna need your vote in the next election. Can I get a what-what from the senior section? McCain got experience. McCain got style. But don’t let him freak you out, when he tries to smile, cuz that smile be creepy, [...]

San Francisco Chronicle – I hear they have a new cartoonist

Well, I was shocked but the Chronicle called and sent me a freelance contract to run one of my strips. It was as simple as that. Well, actually it wasn’t so simple. It took three years of cartooning and getting good at it. But let me tell ya, having “freelance editorial cartoonist for the San [...]

Town Called Dobson in Second Life

I am planning a Second Life presence for TCD during Yearly Kos, the convention for Daily Kos users and fans. This year at Yearly Kos, they will be streaming video of the panels and speeches into a special area set up in Second Life for those of us who can’t get to the in-person meeting [...]