Don’t need Zuckerberg to know when the bubble blows

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A Corporate Guide To Twitter

By now, if you have owned a TV, phone, or have kids, you have heard of Twitter in the last 24 hours. The microblogging web service is just that pervasive. You kids are using it, your Congressional Representative is using it, the President has been using it for some time and most importantly, your competition [...]

ZOMG – embeddable DIY Star Trek Animations Star Trek, p.i. Like it? Create your own at It’s free and fun! I am rather shocked that Paramount would give permission for someone to do this. I think it is smart, however, I am just shocked the powers that be over in Brand Allegiance Department think the same way. It takes a [...]

Google Street View Invades North Carolina

Me and a friend of mine was standing in front of her store and while we were shooting the breeze a Google Street View car drove by – just like the one shown below. What is a Street View car? Google is taking 3D images of all the streets in cities across the nation to [...]