Carl Sagan Interviewed By Ted Turner

This video from 1989 is extremely depressing. Herein is covered every single problem we are dealing with today; a decay and disrespect of science, abuse of natural resources and climate change. I dare you to watch and not shake your head. Ted Turner interviews Carl Sagan (CNN/1989) from love on Vimeo. Bookmark to:

ZOMG – embeddable DIY Star Trek Animations Star Trek, p.i. Like it? Create your own at It’s free and fun! I am rather shocked that Paramount would give permission for someone to do this. I think it is smart, however, I am just shocked the powers that be over in Brand Allegiance Department think the same way. It takes a [...]

Lost: The Exposition of John Locke

WOW! I know I am biased because of my love for his Baldness, but damn, what a great episode. Whenever you have a Locke episode, all sorts of stuff happens. I think Locke is the vehicle in which the writers tell the story of the island and evidently, it is a whopper of a tale. [...]