Lost Footage: San Francisco Earthquake and Fire

Saving Keith Olbermann

Use at will!

Dot – World’s Smallest Animation Film

This was shot with a smartphone camera and a microscope for a lens. The character was too small to move on an armature but need to be printed on a 3D printer and handpainted for the scenes.

Just insane!

The Unseen Sea

Even after nearly a decade of life in the Bay Area, I am still mesmerized by the overpowering scenic beauty of San Francisco and the surrounding areas that make up the San Francisco Bay Area. Many times I would find myself walking along the docks of Sausalito or in the hills of El Cerrito and I would just stop everything I was doing just to stare at a sunset or gawk at some new weird and peculiar fog formation I had not seen before. I remember once watching the San Francisco July 4th fireworks from across the Bay. San Francisco was socked in with fog, but the fog abruptly ended at water’s edge so I had a clear view all across the Bay. When the fireworks started, the fog above the city was illuminated from within from the colorful explosions and the sound was oddly attenuated. I immediately was reminded of recent scenes of Baghdad, but that thought was quickly replaced by the poetry of Francis Scott Key and I realized his genius as he artistically described the Battle of Fort McHenry.

What would Key say about San Francisco?

There must have been a paint sale.

Day Tripping In Hayes Valley

The lovely thing about San Francisco is that every neighborhood has a little different look and feel. I was out for a walk, heading for a spot of lunch and to visit the Timbuk2 design store on Hayes and found this building. Great little neighborhood!

California Board Meetings

Photo credit: Luke Kilpatrick

A buddy of mine, Luke Kilpatrick, is pictured above with his his new Harbor surfboard to replace the one he destroyed earlier this year. After living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area for a decade, I discovered that people come to the Bay by all sorts of means. Luke and his wife Beth are no different. Their story is a good read and highlights what essentials really mean.

They are from Canada, bought an RV and moved to San Francisco. The live in the RV about 100 feet from the ocean. They surf in the morning, work during the day and eat organics grown on local farms. By surrendering the dream of the McMansion, they have an amazing quality of life. You can read their blog HERE.

The Bay Area is an amazing place with a lot of brilliant people like Luke, but sadly, the economy is forcing many to move out of the Bay Area and go back to their home states. I wonder what the long term impact this might have on the United States? It reminds me of the British handover of Hong Kong to the Chinese. We in the West worried that the PRC would destroy the capitalist culture of Hong Kong. Apparently those fears were unfounded. Instead of the PRC ruining the economy of Hong Kong, Hong Kong proved to be a virus to the rest of China. The shear weight of a market system quickly infected the rest of China and cultured it into the nation we see today.

Using that cultural event metric that we saw in China and use that lens to focus on what is happening in the Bay Area, it could help revitalize American business. At points in recent history, the 10 counties surrounding the Bay accounted for 10% to 15% of the total national GDP! That is a lot of entrepreneurs and start-up workers and many of them are migrating to other parts of the country – Texas, Michigan and North Carolina are just a few places friends of mine have returned to. What will happen? How will that change the way Americans conduct business? The culture these individuals bring with them is highly competitive, they are willing to work 80 hours a week and have no resistance to throw out the rule book and burn it to a cinder if the rules are out-dated, idiotic or are revenue hogs.

Are Silicon Valley tech workers infecting the rest of the country, bringing their marketing enthusiasm to towns where that level of intensity hasn’t been seen since the 80s? Only time will tell. I can say this, since I have been back, a whole lot of people buy me lunch to pick my brain.

Meanwhile, Luke is still hanging 10 in Northern California! Keep shredding, Luke. Keep shredding.

Best Of The Winston Salem Airshow

Winston Salem Airshow

According to the weather predictions, Saturday would be the best day to go because Saturday was predicted to have a 20% of light showers whereas Sunday had a 50% chance of thunderstorms. I went Saturday.

After the weekend played out, Saturday had light showers and Sunday was clear as a bell!

Here is a set of other photos I took at the airshow when weather permitted.

You Find The Darndest Things In Carolina Barns.

W88 - Air Harbor

A Taylorcraft BC-12.

Orville Wright’s Flitfire

North Carolina Aviation Museum

This is the famous “Flitfire” (Piper J-3 Cub) that Orville Wright flew in during 1943. Currently on display at the North Carolina Aviation Museum, located at the Asheboro Regional Airport (KHBI).

Yes, the geek in the photo is me.

First overnight solo flight, Bluefield, WV