The Expanding Universe

6df Galaxy Survey fly through from ICRAR on Vimeo. Bookmark to:

Dot – World’s Smallest Animation Film

This was shot with a smartphone camera and a microscope for a lens. The character was too small to move on an armature but need to be printed on a 3D printer and handpainted for the scenes. Just insane! Bookmark to:

New now live

Not a whole lot there – just a placeholder with the trailer. But it is better than just having the domain parked at GoDaddy. Bookmark to:

New Cooking With Tesla Trailer

I teased you previously about the new character designs, well now you can see them in the new trailer below! Bookmark to:

Cooking With Tesla characters updated

I scrapped the old character art for Cooking With Tesla and am moving to a new style.., well, if you read Town Called Dobson the style is familiar – Surry Chibi Manga! Since I am doing a rewrite, the new art allows me to expand on the story and give a deeper sense of connectivity. [...]

Cooking With Tesla Script Rewritten

I spent the last year looking at the CWT script and decided to chuck it and start anew. It was an effort to be a demo reel, a collabration with a corporate partner for promotional purposes and more. During each edit cycle, it drifted farther away from being the short film I originally envisioned. We [...]